If you’re an artist, I’m sure my story will be pretty familiar. Basically, I’ve always been drawing. The quality has definitely improved slightly over time, but I don’t actually remember a time when I didn’t have some sort of sketchbook. For me, art is sort of an escape and just a place I can do whatever I want. Growing up in a very Mormon household, I was very surprised when my parents didn’t actually have much of a problem with me drawing a lot of nudes, and that sort of opened my eyes to the kind of freedom I had as someone who draws a lot.

Me from about age 7 – 16

In the interest of having a little more content on this page, here are a few interesting things about me that aren’t related to art. I am very tall, 6 foot 3 inches last time I checked. As a big person, I haven’t 100% scaled up, so I’m very thin, even for a weight that would make a normal person overweight and a short person obese. As a child, I was always told I was special, so when I discovered I wasn’t, (around the 6th grade) it kind of killed me. The rest of my life has been spent trying to become as special as I thought I was a long time ago. I have very long hair for a guy, and I love it and would never cut it. Also, I really love v – necks.

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